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Nona Gamble

Nov. 15, 2016


Clayton County Juvenile Court

9163 Tara Boulevard

Jonesboro, GA  30236


To whom this may concern:

My name is N. Jean Hudley and I am the founder and CEO of Boys2Men Home & Sanctuary for Youth, Inc.  I write this letter in support of Nona Gambles request to maintain guardianship of her four grandchildren.

I met Ms. Gamble two years ago when she was required to fulfill community service hours for a traffic violation.  From the first time we met there was an immediate bond. What was so impressive to me was her commitment to fulfill her community service, despite her long walks from the train station to our location, moreover, with all four of those she currently has custody of, and sometimes there would be three of Tiffany’s children. She never left them anywhere! They were always clean, respectful and well fed.  And despite the lack of conveniences that many families have, her grandchildren always wanted to be around her. I could clearly that she was loved and so were they.

Since that time, I have been an active member of this family unit.  The children have been included in all of our activities at Boys2Men despite the fact that they are much younger than the average target groups we serve.  However, we have created activities that engage and educate them the same way.  Ms. Nona would prepare the meals, and the children would help wherever they could.  Ms. Gamble is very attentive to their needs and many of their wants.  I have assisted by attending IEP meetings for Anthony, helped to secure furniture, clothing, services, just to name of few.

However, it all happened because of her genuine devotion and commitment to her grand children’s survival. There are so many other things I can say about this grandmother!  Besides being a parent and grandparent myself, I have been working in child protective services for at least 25 years so have a clear understanding of what healthy parenting looks like.  Since, I have been in the life of this family, I have seen no one outside of Ms. Gamble and her daughter Brittany Gamble, provide the care that they have for these children.

Thus, in my professional opinion, regarding the parents of all of Ms. Gamble’s grandchildren she is the most responsible and caring adult they know. Therefore, without hesitation I do recommend that Ms. Gamble remain their legal caregiver indefinitely, until their parents can confirm their ability to care for them.   

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at (404) 550-2958.

With best regards,


N. Jean Hudley, PhD


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