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Youth Entrepreneur Academy

The Youth Entrepreneur Academy is an innovative after-school program designed to empower and inspire young individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit. This program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers the essential aspects of starting and running a successful business, managing and understanding financial concepts, and personal development.

Each week, students will engage in interactive modules that build upon each other, culminating in a well-rounded understanding of entrepreneurship.

What Each Student Will Learn As Result Of The Academy

Practical Skills

Learn by Doing: Your child will roll up their sleeves and dive into hands-on activities, gaining real-world experience in entrepreneurship.

Confidence Building:

Stand Tall: Through supportive guidance and interactive learning, your child will develop the confidence to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

Future Preparedness:

Building Blocks: The skills they acquire here are like building blocks for their future, laying a solid foundation for a fulfilling and prosperous life journey.

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