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While we reinforce the essentials of our education, we empower the pacesetters of our future! 

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  • 95% of B2M participants graduate from High School

  • 80% of those graduates go onto college, technical school, US military, secure managerial employment positions or start their own businesses


Mental Toughness University (MTU)

(MTU): is a program for young adults 13-25 finding it difficult to gain an education and or employment opportunities. Life Skills and Leadership curriculum provides access to needed resources through a variety of partnerships including technical skills training, transitional services, mentorship, and parental coaching


Youth Entrepreneur

Teens interested in starting their own business learn how to form an LLC, create a business plan and gain access to financial resources.


Robotics Class

Teens 13-25 learn how to design, build, and control robots. A fun way to introduce aspects of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science – to construct and control robots to perform and respond to instructions.


Vo Tech High Automotive Class

High School students learn basic Auto Mechanic Skills to include, Engine Cleaning, Jumpstarting a Car, Repair Rear Window Defroster, Changing Serpentine Belt, Cleaning Carburetor, Change Oil, Lubricate Doors and Hinges and Spark Plug Replacement.

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