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Throughout the years Dr. N Jean Hudley & B2M&G2W have honored by numerous organizations for their tireless work in the community


    • 2018 – Emory University MLK Community Service Award

    • 2018 – Forever Plus A Day Community Achievement Award

    • 2017 – Honda Power of Dreams Award

    • 2016 – Showcase Group for Prevention Award

    • 2016 - Award Presentation Atlanta, Georgia 2016 Honda Battle of the Bands

    • 2012 – Ford Motor Vehicles Unsung Heroes Award

2017 HBCU The Power of Dreams Award

Presented to Dr. N. Jean Hudley for her continued support of underserved youth. In 2004, Dr. Hudley founded Boys2Men Home & Sanctuary for Youth, Inc. to provide programs designed to teach fundamental life skills to young men ages 13-25.

2020 B2M&G2W Highlight Video

B2M donated 150 pairs of shoes to a village in Uganda.  B2M was honored with a theme song, written and performed by Jehova Shaloam, an acapella choir of teachers from the village.

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