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Charles Singleton


My time with ‘Boys2Men’ helped me a lot. I have never really liked to be around people that I don’t already know a lot about. I didn’t like to get to know people. If I didn’t already know you, that was ok for me. While I was in the Boys2Men program I learned that I needed new people in my life. I learned that I couldn’t just sit in a corner and be a spectator instead of a participator. I can’t have my own business if I don’t like talking to new people. I started answering and asking questions at the sessions. I started making friends in my classes. I felt like I was the big brother to all of the guys in my class because I was the oldest in the group. Ms. Jean’s program helped me to grow up. All of the classes that Ms. Jean set up for us will help us be better grownups. I learned stuff that I really thought was just for women. Things like how to eat at the dinner table, how to put a button on my shirt. I would have tried to give it to my mama for her to fix. Ms. Jean showed us all that she really cared about us being real men. She was another mama to us. She told us all that if things were not right at school that she was coming to help get it right. That was enough for me. That let me know she was for real. She wanted to make sure that everything was ok at our houses and if it was not she wanted to know what she could do to help. Ms. Jean and Boys2Men program is good for boys that need help growing up and learning life skills. Ms. Jean talked to so many people trying to get them to do stuff for us. She got us tennis shoes and tuxedos for our awards program. Ms. Jean loves the Boys2Men program and we from the Boys2Men program love her too. I speak for all of us because I am the big brother.

Charles Singleton 17 yrs. old

Beacon of Light

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