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Davontae Jenkins

Feeding the Homeless

Davontae Jenkins


Feeding the homeless and seeing as many kids that evening was very shocking.  As we pulled up my mouth dropped instantly as if I was hit by lightning.  I was amazed!  It was the saddest thing I had ever seen in my entire life. If you could have seen the little children’s faces as they grabbed their plate. Your heart would have been in tears.  There were at least 45 people that Boys2Men and Ms. Jean fed that evening.  I will never forget that day. It has brightened my tunnel of darkness.  It touched my soul and grabbed it and it said to me, “Davontae Jenkins, it’s time to make a u-turn to a better route, or you will be in this line one day.”

I wrote this essay from what I saw and experienced of that surprising evening.  I’m very thankful for Ms. Jean for taking me that evening.  That day was a sign from God, letting me know that it’s time for me to wake up and get on my job before it’s too late.  It was that day that started my journey into reality.  Enough said from Davontae Jenkins.

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