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Youth Entrepreneur Academy

The Youth Entrepreneur Academy is an innovative 16-week after-school virtual program designed to empower and inspire young individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit. Set to commence in August 2024, this program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers the essential aspects of starting and running a successful business. Each week, participants will engage in interactive modules that build upon each other, culminating in a well-rounded understanding of entrepreneurship.

16 Week Curriculum

Week 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship

  • Overview of entrepreneurship, its importance, and the mindset required to succeed.


Week 2: Idea Generation and Validation

  • Techniques for brainstorming business ideas and methods for validating their market potential.


Week 3: Business Planning Basics

  • Introduction to business plans, their components, and how to create a simple plan.


Week 4: Market Research

  • Understanding the target market, competition, and conducting effective research.


Week 5: Branding and Identity

  • Developing a unique brand identity and creating a branding strategy.


Week 6: Marketing Strategies

  • Exploring different marketing channels and creating a basic marketing plan.


Week 7: Sales Fundamentals

  • Introduction to sales techniques, customer acquisition, and retention strategies.


Week 8: Financial Literacy

  • Basics of financial management, budgeting, and understanding revenue and expenses.


Week 9: Legal Aspects of Business

  • Overview of legal considerations for starting and operating a business.


Week 10: Digital Presence

  • Creating and maintaining an online presence through websites and social media.


Week 11: Product Development

  • Understanding the product development process and creating a minimum viable product.


Week 12: Customer Service Excellence

  • Importance of customer service and strategies for maintaining customer satisfaction.


Week 13: Leadership and Team Building

  • Developing leadership skills and strategies for building and managing a team.


Week 14: Pitching and Presentation Skills

  • Techniques for creating an effective pitch and presenting business ideas confidently.


Week 15: Networking and Building Relationships

  • Importance of networking and tips for building professional relationships.


Week 16: Business Launch Preparation

  • Finalizing business plans, setting goals, and preparing for the launch of the business.


The Youth Entrepreneur Academy aims to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality, all within a supportive and interactive virtual environment.

What Each Student Will Learn As Result Of The Academy

Entrepreneurial Mindset Unleashed

Takeaway: Participants will emerge with a solid entrepreneurial mindset, understanding the importance of resilience, creativity, and strategic thinking in the business world.

Business Skills Foundation

Takeaway: The course provides a comprehensive foundation in essential business skills, from idea generation to financial management, preparing participants for the real-world challenges of

Community Support & Collaboration

Takeaway: Participants will learn the value of community support and collaboration, understanding how to leverage relationships and resources to enhance their business and contribute positively to their local ecosystem.

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