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Felicia O.

September 19, 2016

Appreciation to the Boys2Men Program


Many people wonder if mentoring is designed just for a troubled adolescent. If you are one that is considering, or is unsure of the positive transition to adulthood a mentoring relationship can cause; you should ask yourself is it worth the time and effort? When it came to my concerns, for my son, needy or incompetent was never a thought, however hopefulness remained. So, my answer is yes.

Consequently, in our experience with the Boys2Men Program, mentoring was very successful. I am thankful for Dr. Jean and my family mentoring relationship. I realized that not only did the mentoring program benefit my son, it also helped my family to appreciate the smaller things in life, especially by staying out of the criminal justice system. Often time so many of these youth have been disappointed too many times in their lives by loved ones, and they are blaming themselves. These types of behavior only allow those youth to fail at everything, while trying to fulfill voids in their lives… may even cause low self-esteem. They start to convert to all type of violence.When my son was incarcerated at the youth detention during the holidays I was very distraught. Yet, I still participated in the activities that were held at the center. I want to applaud Dr. Jean for her effortless time, love, and most importantly, her program. Dr. Jean is an individual who is committed to helping youth academically, socially, mentally, and physically in getting their life back on track. My son definitely needed this program, because it taught him to be responsible, respect himself and others, not to depend on his peers, and never give up on school or his dreams.“A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could” (unknown). My son and I live by this quote today. He is now a senior in high school, has a job, and is staying out of the criminal justice system.


Lastly, I recommend the Boys2MenProgram to all families that are in need of a positive transition to adulthood, whom is a single parent, and any person battling with low self-teem. Remember, a mentor is a person who advise or train someone, and that is what we received for Dr. Jean and her staff. We have retained a lot, and now we are utilizing the experiences that were provided to us.  It is not a matter of being needy or incomplete, more as, uplifting and a second home. When you’re hungry for attention, love, food, and tutoring Boys2Men is a dependable place to be. Again, I express my appreciation to Dr. Jean and her organization.

Best regards,

Felicia Ogunnaike

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