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Sug Jackson


To whom this may concern,

I currently live in a small neighborhood called Reynolds Town.  In that community there is a community center called Lang Carson.  Although this center once played an important role in this community it had been closed for the past several years.  In August of 2011, things changed.

In support of young men throughout metro Atlanta, a non-profit organization by the name of Boys2Men Home & Sanctuary for Youth, Inc. moved into the Lang Carson Community Center and changed my views on people in general.  Nonetheless, the change didn’t come right away.  In my mind this was a welcomed provider, however, I had little faith in their sincere commitment to help us. 


Ms. Jean the Founder of the organization was a light in a dark tunnel.  She brought services, resources and a commitment level I wasn’t accustomed to.  I refused to believe she was genuine and many times would not accept her willingness to help.  I would participate in classes geared to help me grow, but could not see their relevance.  The times I did see the need, my interest would only last a brief period and I would jump on the band wagon with my peers and look for reasons not to trust her.  I would reject her counsel and sometimes even be rude.    Ms. Jean was consistent though.  She would never give up on us.  Despite the wall I continued to put up, she was always chipping away at it.  Even to the point that she took five hard headed and rough around the edges young men on a five day trip to Orlando; and we flew!   Ms. Jean realized that though I was dealing with negative surroundings, she had to expose me to something else: A true heart, and another way to live.

Because of her commitment and sincere dedication, today I have a better attitude.  She has even helped me secure a job that will shortly provide another career option.  I mean I can make a decent living and I see it!  What would have happened if she did not fight through the rough spots?  I can’t say.  However, what I can say is that I’m so glad she did.

With best regards,

Sug Jackson

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